How to child-proof your home

by David Gerwels 03/03/2024

Kid playing with blocks

As kids run and play in the home, it’s essential to make sure your space is safe for their well-being. Here are some basic childproofing tips to help you create a safer environment at home.

Child-proofing laundry room

Every year, there are many injuries reported due to kids climbing into washing machines and dryers. Consider purchasing safety gates and locks to keep them out of these areas.  

Many clothing detergents and laundry pods are bright, which may tempt kids to try eating them. Make sure these items are safely placed in a childproof container. 

Child-proofing the bathroom

It’s common to store bleach, medicines and some cleaning products in the bathroom. Prevent kids from accidentally ingesting these items by keeping them locked away with safety latches. 

Add corner and edge bumpers to any sharp areas in the bathroom. For example, this may include corner tiles or the edge of the sink. This can help to prevent injury if these areas are bumped into. 

Baby-proofing the living areas

Consider purchasing cordless window coverings to prevent accidental injuries. If you need assistance purchasing this item, consider contacting the window covering safety council for repair kits. These kits can be used to repair the inner cord of your current windows. 

Use door knob covers to prevent kids from having access to areas of the home with potential dangers. Outlet covers act as safeguards to prevent electrocution from electrical outlets. 

Childproofing your home may seem like a hassle. However, doing so can help to prevent possible injuries.

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